Reneé Bibby

Writer  /  Teacher  /   Photographer



Published Work

64 Colors
(2019 Wigleaf Top 50 Long List)
Fiction Southeast

The Archaeologist
Black & BLUE - City 

Best of the Boy Stuff
(nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize)
Third Point Press
The Writers Studio @ 30

Thin Air, Vol. 21 / Spring 2015

Not Everybody Gets a Happiness Montage
Crack The Spine, Issue 105


The Opposite of Drowning
Slush Pile Magazine, Issue 22

Than All the Treasures
(nominated for 2016 Pushcart Prize)
The Worcester Review, Issue 37

Trick Ride Glory
PRISM international, 55:2/Winter 2017

Rabbit or the Wheel
(nominated for The Best Small Fictions)
Wildness, No. 5, Tranquility

Viva Peaches
The Worcester Review, Issue 37

We are the Night, We are the Day
Syntax & Salt, Special Issue: Monsters, Myths, Legends, Fairytales

What the Body Gives Up
The Harpoon Review

What’s Done Can’t Be Undone
Five on the Fifth


Fiction Reader

Reneé works with the fiction team at Atticus Review, a daily online journal that publishes fiction, flash, poems, creative nonfiction, video, music, book reviews, cartoons, animation, and other ephemera.

Former Contributing Editor

Reneé was a weekly contributing editor of the Wilds, an imprint of Platypus Press. The Wilds is on hiatus but find an archive of her selection of fiction and poetry at the Wilds


Write Wednesday

Every Wednesday, local Tucson writers gather at the Downtown Cartel Coffee to pursue solo writing projects in companionable quiet with like-minded writers. Write Wednesday is open to all levels of writers. Locations sometimes change; interested writers should tweet at Reneé for location information.  

Regular attendees of Write Wednesday include the local writers, Anastasia AlexanderAdrienne CeltDana Diehl, Phil Ivory, Morgan Evan Miller, Alice HatcherMichelle Ross, and Lilian Vercauteren. Alumni include Erin Zwiener and Lela Scott MacNeil.

Rejection Competition

Every year, Reneé runs a friendly competition to see who can acquire the most literary rejections in a calendar year. Learn more at Rejection Competition 2019.


  • 2018 Arizona Mystery Writers Competition

  • 2017 Arizona Mystery Writers Competition

  • 2016 Arizona Mystery Writers Compeition

  • 2015 Writers Studio Amsterdam Fall Student Reading

  • 2015 Arizona Mystery Writers Competition



"Reneé and the land of Open Carry," interview by Oscar Marten


  • Writers Studio @ 30
    The Strand, New York City, NY / May 2017

  • Twin Palms
    Antigone Books, Tucson, AZ / October 2016

  • No Modern Romance
    Antigone Books, Tucson, AZ / October 2015

  • Writers Studio Branches
    KGB Bar, New York City, NY / January 2014

“I channel the rote and the new and unseen. My head has always been the busiest of crossroads, a festival of happy and unhappy arrivals. In the hours before daybreak when I was a boy, god sent me words as visitors.”

― Jim ShepardLike You'd Understand, Anyway



Writers Studio Tucson

Reneé is the Director of the Writers Studio Tucson, where she teaches the Master Class, beginner workshops, and teen workshops in creative writing. 

The Writers Studio Tucson welcomes beginning and advanced students to a unique workshop environment whose sole purpose is to help fiction writers and poets discover and nurture their own voices. The workshops offer a supportive environment and community to beginning students who learn how to turn autobiographical fragments into successful narrative or poetic pieces. The program also provides technical guidance and professional criticism to more advanced students who are working on longer pieces.

Visit the Writers Studio page to learn more. Read about The Writers Studio in the May/June 2017 Issue of Poets & Writers.

Stay in touch with the Writers Studio Tucson via Facebook / E-Newsletter


Student feedback

Thank you for The Writers Studio. It’s revitalized my writing practice and stretched me in new ways. It’s challenged me to improve my craft beyond writing for myself into something I hope can be accessible to others. I could never have learned what I have so far on my own.
— KATIE GLEASON, Tucson Advanced Workshop Student

“I'm not a girl. I'm a genius. ” 

― Joanna RussThe Female Man




Reneé is a fairly serious hobbyist of photography, focusing on urban decay, architecture and cityscapes, nature, and the occasional human. 

Photo Project

Walk the Line

The summer of 2008, Reneé launched portrait project of mixed-race people and families, seeking faces of people not represented in wider media. Visit the Walk the Line project on her Flickr page.

Reneé explains: "I worked with people who were racial Rorschach tests, people who sometimes negotiated multiple cultures. Sometimes they were people who had privilege to be solidly in one culture and sometimes they were people who had the privilege to jump between cultures. Either way, every day, the people I worked with had experiences similar to mine: walking the line between cultures and races. Sometimes that's a hard walk. And sometimes, as I photographed all these amazing people, I saw just how much it can be a beautiful place, too." 

Photo Project 


“I am circling around God, around the ancient tower, and I have been circling for a thousand years, and I still don't know if I am a falcon, or a storm, or a great song.” 

― Rainer Maria RilkeRainer Maria Rilke's the Book of Hours: A New Translation with Commentary


A Non-Traditional

Short biography

Renée Bibby knows things, and if you're lucky, she'll show you. She knows that "the sediment of soap scum is archaeology;" she understands the universal human heartbreak of "how many small dreams can be gotten rid of, just cockroaches on porcelain."  To those lucky enough to be her readers and students, she has the power to bestow new eyes, a sharper vision with which to take in the full spectrum of sadness and laughter. Her aesthetic manifesto is a whisper as well as a shout.

bio by friend and fellow writer Lela Scott MacNeil